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Launched in February 2018 with a fresh perspective and an innovative design approach, eutopia provides Australians with the ultimate living solution. We have partnered with leading builders in the construction industry, sharing with them a vision for delivering innovative, high quality, and affordable homes.

The Team

Matt BradleyDESIGNER | BUSINESS MANAGERAll regions mattbradleydesigns.com
Trent StanawayBUILDER | PROJECT MANAGERBrisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Redlands & Ipswich tdsconstructions.com.au
Brad ShireffsBUILDER | PROJECT MANAGERSunshine Coast & Moreton Bay bpsconstructions.com.au

Our Vision

Land is becoming increasingly expensive and thus building sites are becoming smaller. Homes need to make better use of space and fit the average Australian budget better. eutopia takes time and care to implement our innovative design approach effectively, and we will only release a limited number of home designs to suit different size blocks. We will continue to review and update each home design annually, releasing new and improved design updates whilst lowering construction costs.


Our innovative design approach that aims to provide Australians with the ultimate living solution based on the SCALE design principles – Sustainable, Customisable, Adaptable, Liveable, and Economical.


  • Supporting long-term ecological balance and reducing CO2 emissions
  • Reducing embodied energy and material consumption through minimalist design, smart material selection, and efficient construction methods
  • Encouraging resource independence by providing onsite energy, water, waste, and food solutions
  • Minimising impact on natural ecosystems


Homes reflecting individuality. Providing clients with a seamless selection and wide range of compelling architectural features, materials, finishes, and fittings. Regularly reviewing and updating the range as required. Encouraging clients to express their unique lifestyle and design tastes through customised design variations.


Dwellings designed to easily adapt to different site slopes, soil types, and climates, which can also endure natural hazards like cyclones, floods, earthquakes, coastal corrosion, termites, and bush fires. Designing spaces which can adapt to present and future changes in lifestyle.


Designing delightful homes which are safe and functional for their inhabitants in all aspects of their lifestyle. Designing dwellings which are open and fit well with local environmental conditions to ensure adequate natural lighting and natural temperature control. Designing digitally-connected and technologically advanced homes which integrate with modern human needs.


Form following function. Everything having a use. Reducing wasted space like hallways. Providing clients with a range of prices from affordable to high-end to suit their lifestyles and budgets.

Our Partners

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